Monday, April 7external image Social-Media.jpg

Social Media: Twitter!

  1. Welcome back! Only 12 more lessons to go!
  2. Web Journal until ~9:45.
  3. Twitter notes today, followed by an assignment.

Tuesday, April 8

Social Media: Copyright Issues

  1. "Tweetup" until 9:45. Finish Twitter assignment from yesterday, plus send at least 3 tweets about the documentary we are watching.
  2. Research essay assignment on copyright issues in social media (blogs, twitter, facebook); due today:

Wednesday, April 9

Social Media: Intro to Blogs

  1. Finish up your copyright research essay from yesterday until 9:30-9:45.
  2. Play with Twitter if you are done early!
  3. Notes coming up.

Thursday, April 10

Social Media: Setting up your WordPress Blog

  1. Set up your WordPress blog: Email your blog URL to me so I can mark it!

Friday, April 11

Social Media: Composing Posts

  1. Making different kinds of posts: