Monday, April 15th
Photo by Jasmic.
Photo by Jasmic.

Intro to Composition

Tuesday, April 16th

Intro to Digital Photography

Wednesday, April 17th

Flickr & Photoshopexternal image flickr_logo.png

  1. Make a Flickr account! Go to and make an account.
  2. Email your flickr URL to me!
  3. Edit each of your 14 photos from yesterday in Photoshop by going File > Open. Try the following edits:
    • Add Filters and Layer Styles
    • Crop them with the Crop tool crop tool.PNG
    • Click Image > Adjustments
    • Remember to Save them for the Web, adding _web to the end of the file name to distinguish the edited versions from the originals.
  4. Upload your 14 Photoshopped photos (and your originals, if you want) to your Flickr Photostream! Hooray! :)
  5. Upload a "buddy icon" to your Flickr profile: open a photo you want to use in Photoshop, either one of yours or a public domain image. Click Image > Resize, and change it to 48x48 pixels. Save it, then upload it! You're done!

Thursday, April 18thty_on_moon.jpg

Photoshop Selection Tools: Photoshop Yourself!

  1. Download 3 public-domain images to 'Shop yourself into. Climbing Mt. Everest? Standing on a flower? Make yourself a movie star? It's up to you! (Nothing inappropriate, obviously!)
  2. Say cheese! Ask me to take your picture and then transfer it into your folder.
  3. Follow these instructions to 'Shop yourself into the 3 photos you downloaded:
  4. Post the images to your blog, or just email me when they're done. :)

Friday, April 19th

Unit Quiz: Photography, Flickr, & Photoshop

  • Open-book quiz. Use the presentations from the past week, open Photoshop, and log in to Flickr to answer the questions.
  • Use the rest of the period for catching up on missed work. If you are caught up, play with your blogs, Flickr, or Photoshop!
  • New unit, Adobe Illustrator, next week.