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Web Graphics: Using Art for the Web

Tuesday, April 2nd

Web Graphics: Using Art for the Web PART 2

Wednesday, April 3rd

Web Graphics & Copyright Issues

Thursday, April 4th

No school tomorrow - PD day

Blog Post & Catch-Up

  • Let's wrap up our copyright lessons with a blog post!
  • You will be making a blog post similar to the one I made here. (Do you get the same rush I do from posting?!?)
  • Your assignment: to write at least 150 words about copyright issues on the Web. Hint: 150 words may not be enough!
    • Content: summarize the facts on copyright, and then look online for an interesting story about copyright issues, especially regarding bloggers. Cite your sources!
    • Type a draft in Word, then print it and ask me to proofread it before you post it to your blog.
    • Include a relevant graphic with your post, making sure you have the right to use it and, of course, give a proper citation! This usually means a) linking back to the original picture, and b) giving the artist's name; however, you have to check the copyright license for every picture that you use to be sure.