Adobe Illustrator CS2 logo
Adobe Illustrator CS2 logo
Monday, April 22nd

Logo Study

  • Last full week of class! It's been a blast!
  • New unit: Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator CS2.
  • Illustrator is an illustration program used to draw with. Think of it as the professional version of Microsoft Paint.
    • It is perhaps used most for drawing logos. We will study various logos, and then make a few of our own.
  • Watch today's presentation:
  • Assignment: gathering & evaluating logos from the internet.

Tuesday, April 23rd

Canoe Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Wednesday, April 24th

Ancient Key Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Thursday, April 25th - Friday, April 26th

Final Illustrator Logo Project: CAHRD Logo Redesign

  • Do you remember how to make a canoe shape, or a key shape? You know that in Illustrator, we make logos with shapes & the pathfinder tools.
  • SCENARIO: the Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) found out about your design skills through your web design blog and wants you to redesign their logo for them.
    • What they want:
      1. CAHRD would like you to provide them with a new logo design. Ask your head designer (Tyler) for a copy of their completed Logo Proposal Form to see exactly what they want. The main consideration is that they want 2 versions of the same logo: one with no text, one with text.
      2. CAHRD also requests that you provide them with a written explanation of each design.
external image cahrd.jpg