How to make a nameplate

Monday, April 8th

Nameplates in Photoshop CS2

  • Let's design!
  • Practice the most basic Photoshop skills:
    • Make a new document
    • Add a shape
    • Add text
    • Add layer styles and effects
    • Save as a JPG, GIF, or PNG!
  • Follow the instructions to make 3 of your own nameplates, then post your favourite to your blog! Write a brief paragraph describing how you made the nameplate, giving mention to tools and steps.

Tuesday, April 9th

Catch-Up Day

  • Finish the three nameplates from yesterday. Be ready for the next assignment coming up!

Wednesday, April 10th

Rotary Career Fair

  • Nadia and I are taking our classes to the Rotary Career Fair at the Convention Centre. The van leaves at 9:15 - be there or be square! We'll be returning for lunch.

Thursday, April 11th

Blog Banners in Photoshop


  • Use the nameplate instructions from yesterday to make a custom banner for your blog! Suggested canvas size is 960 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. After that:

    1. Use the Rectangle or other shape tool to draw your background shape.
    2. Use the Text tool to type your blog's name, with an optional "tagline", or catchphrase.
    3. Apply Layer Styles or Filters to your background shape and text!
    4. How to Upload: go to your Dashboard, then Appearance and then Header as shown to the right.

Friday, April 12th

Class Site Banners in Photoshop

  • Bring your best camera to class on Monday!
  • The banner for this very site was made by a former student. The next design is up to you!
  • Your banner MUST:
    1. Be 1000x150 pixels in size.
    2. Use a public domain image as a background: use the "Royalty-free images" link to find an image that is "free to use, share, or modify".
      • Put the image on your banner by going File > Place.
    3. Have the text "Web Design 35S" - capitalize the fist letter of each word, or use ALL CAPS.
    4. Be uploaded to your blog with an explanation and a citation for the image you used.
    • I will decide whose banner to use next week!