Monday, June 10thtyler_tut.jpg

Photoshop Selection Tools

  • Catch up until 9:30. Finish up all of your photography, blog posts, and Flickr tasks.
  • We're going to Photoshop ourselves into another photo today using the selection tools.
  • Start by finding a picture from the Royalty-Free Images link to use as a background to paste yourself into.
  • Once you've found a background image, I will take your picture.
  • Follow the instructions to Photoshop yourself!

Tuesday, June 11th

Making Nameplates in Photoshopnameplate_tyler.png

  • Catch up until 9:30.
  • Today you will make a nameplate in Photoshop and post it to your blog with a description of how you made it. Try making two or three; you only need to post your best one.
  • These will require you to create shapes, and use text and colour. You will also learn the basics of layers.
  • This will get you ready for making banners for this site and your blog tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 12th

Making Page Banners in Photoshop

  • Page banners announce a website to its visitors and give the site an identity. For example, this site has one at the top, and so does your blog.
  • Making a banner is similar to making a nameplate, except the size is different, and we'll be using a picture on our banners.

Thursday, June 13th

Unit Quiz

  • Open-book quiz.
  • Catch up on your Photoshop tasks before we start on Illustrator next week. Last unit before the exam.
  • Fun Walk/Run from Norquay School tomorrow starting at 10:00. Show up to class on time, we'll be walking over as a school. Free lunch is included. Class as usual in the afternoon.

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