Monday, June 17thexternal image illustrator+logo.jpg

Logo Study

Tuesday, June 18th


Canoe Logo Using Minus Front

  • Illustrator works by combining and cutting shapes.
    • All shapes are made of paths (outlines) and fills (colours). If a path has a colour, it is called a stroke.
  • Let's draw a canoe logo by using the Minus Front Pathfinder Tool to cut one circle with another.
    • Post your best canoe logo to your blog with a step-by-step description of how you made it, in your own words. The description must be detailed so that I can see you know the steps; you may want to use a numbered or bulleted list for the steps.

Wednesday, June 19thKey_Jpeg.jpg

Ancient Key Logo Using Unite

  • We learned yesterday how to subtract shapes; now we will learn how to unite, or combine, multiple shapes into one.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: make the key shape, then download a custom font from to add text.

Thursday, June 20th - Monday, June 23rd

Final Logo Project

  • Good designs don't come easy! It takes hard work and patience.
  • For your final design project, create an original logo. The company or organization you design it for is up to you.
    • Try Googling logos for ideas and inspiration.
  • Due at the end of the day on Monday, June 22nd.
  • Your logo must:
    • Demonstrate the CRAP principles: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.
    • Express the company or organization's brand in it's design. E.g., colourful veggies for a supermarket, or a wooden canoe for an outdoor tourism company.
    • Use BOTH Pathfinder tools we learned in class, Unite and Subtract.
    • Use a downloaded font - try Font Squirrel or DaFont.
    • Use a Filter or Effect in at least one place.
    • Be posted to your blog, with:
      • An explanation of the logo's meaning, i.e. why you designed it the way you did, why you used certain shapes, fonts, colours, etc.
      • A step-by-step description of how you designed it, mentioning specific details such as fonts, shapes, tools, etc.

external image clipart-icon_arrow_right_green-7945.pngEXAM PREP ON MONDAY IF YOU ARE DONE YOUR LOGO.