Monday, March 10www font dies.jpg

Evaluating Websites

  1. 45 minutes:
    • Web Journal writing
    • Finish Detecting Lies checklist from last week
    • Finish crossword from Friday
  2. Notes: Evaluating Websites
  3. Assignment to follow notes.

Tuesday, March 11

Evaluating Websites Part 2

  1. Finish your Evaluating Websites assignment from yesterday, and do one more today.
    • Presentation on one of the sites you found tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 12external image web_writing1.png

Catch Up Day

Catch up on any missed work.

Thursday, March 13

Writing for the Web

  1. Presentation on one of the sites you evaluated at 9:30.
  2. Learn a new style of writing: writing for the web!

Friday, March 14

Writing for the Web & Unit Test

  1. Unit 1 test at 9:00.
  2. Finish the writing for the web assignment from yesterday and hand it in.
  3. Have a great weekend!