Monday, March 17external image 1024px-Stonehenge_%28sun%29.jpg

Writing for the Web Part 2

  1. Web Journal for 30 minutes to start.
  2. Notes: Writing for the Web
  3. Practice how to make a page "scannable", using headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. PICK ONE:

Tuesday, March 18

Making a Website in Microsoft Word

  1. Make corrections to your Stonehenge or Burritos article from yesterday.
  2. Separate your article into at least three pages. Put a large heading at the top of each new page stating the name of the section, e.g. HOME, HISTORY, etc.
  3. Use the three pages you made to make a full website. Follow the instructions; it may take some time. If you need to print, print double-sided to save paper:

Wednesday, March 19

Finishing Making a Website in Microsoft Word

  1. "Finding Your Voice" presentation in the rotunda at 9:00. Sign in at the office before going down.
  2. Finish up your Stonehenge or Burritos website after the presentation if there is time.

Thursday, March 20external image will_code_html_for_food.jpg

HTML Lesson One

  1. Notes on HTML today.
  2. Coding assignment to follow.
  3. Finish your Stonehenge or Burritos site before lunch.

Friday, March 21

Symposium at U of W All morning event.