March 11th-15th

Monday, March 11thexternal image quill-inkwell.jpg

Writing for the Web

  • Writing is very important in Web Design. After all, the majority of the web is words!

  • Writing for the Web is a little different than, say, writing an essay for school. We must learn how to present our information in the clearest, simplest way possible. Even as I write this, I am asking myself, "what are my goals here? How should I write this to best achieve them?".
  • I hope that you can become critical of what you are reading online and how information is presented. Is it clear and easy to understand, or difficult?
  • Read the following handout, then ask me for a copy of the questions when you are done.

Tuesday, March 12th

Writing for the Web Continued

Wednesday, March 13th

Writing for the Web Final intro to writing lesson

Thursday, March 14th


Blog Review

  • You know the basic parts of a site, what makes a site "scannable", and have even tried your own layouts.
  • Now, use what you know to analyze three different blogs: