Monday, March 18thexternal image wordpress-logo.jpg

WordPress Blog Setup

  • Today, we are going to set up a blog, where you will be posting work on a regular basis.
  • First, go to, and then print a copy of today's instructions on setting up your blog (double-sided)!
  • Welcome to the "Blogosphere"!

Tuesday, March 19th - Wednesday, March 20th

U of M Access Program presentation on Wednesday @ 10:30 - finish work before then!

Getting Social with WordPress

  • Go over yesterday's assignment to make sure you didn't miss anything - I know some of you didn't make pages, write your About information, or get to make a Gravatar!
  • Work on today's assignment - follow, comment, then post! You will have two days to work on it, because Wednesday is a short class.

Thursday, March 21st

Different Posts for Different Folks

  • WordPress quiz tomorrow - it's open book, so you can use the printouts from class and to answer the questions.
  • 'Member, no school next week! Last day is tomorrow (Friday).
  • Today, you'll be posting different types of content:

Friday, March 22nd

Spring Break all next week!

Quiz & Catch-Up

  • Get a copy of the WordPress quiz from me.
  • Take a look at the Blog Checklist and make sure you have everything done:
  • Have an amazing Spring Break, and see you on April 1st!