Monday, March 4thDon't choose to be stupid on the internet

Playing It Safe Online

Tuesday, March 5th

Playing It Safe Online

  • Finish the assignments from yesterday by the end of class.

Wednesday, March 6th

What is a browser?

Thursday, March 7th - Friday, March 8th

Google like a Pro

  • Check out these infographics that show some really cool Internet facts:
  • We know how the Web basically works, now, what is the best way to find information on it? Let's learn how to Google like a pro!

    external image 250px-Googlelogo.png

  • Research report: Google is an immensely useful tool for people. It has reduced the time between knowing and not knowing something to a matter of seconds. However, being a global company is not without it's difficulties. Use Google to research Google controversies and criticisms. Relate your findings in a minimum two-page, double-spaced report, with a title and your name at the top. Give a list of your sources on a separate page. Be sure to have introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Check your spelling and grammar - proofread multiple times! Due at the beginning of class next Monday, March 11th.
  • For the truly nerdy: try the Google a Day game to challenge your Google-Fu!